Born and raised in Victoria, Christina has a deep understanding of the island and a profound love for its
magic. Together with her passion for real estate and her outstanding knowledge, experience and
expertise, she will guide you painlessly through the details of the buying or selling process. Her lengthy
career in both the residential and commercial real estate sectors has made her open-minded, flexible
and confident. She is masterful at actively listening to your dreams, your plans and your concerns, and
will collaborate with you to engineer the outcome you want. Her refreshingly authentic approach to
client relations puts you immediately at ease, assuring you she’s has your best interests at heart.
Mother of two energetic boys, Christina can be found cheering on the sidelines as her sons pursue their
soccer and football ambitions. When not at the field, Christina and her boys can be found sourcing fresh
products from the many delightful farmers’ markets on the island or rambling along the vast network of
hiking trails, looking for the best spots for a picnic or a swim.
A lifetime spent investigating both the natural and man-made treasures of this world-class region has
gone into making Christina Kess the perfect professional to help you navigate your way to a property
gem of your own.