About Me

As a native to Victoria, Gina has the advantage of deep roots with the community, a strong background, and family history that have been tied to the city for over 75 years. Raised in Victoria, she graduated valedictorian of her class, and after living in metropolitan cities such as Seattle and Vancouver, she found that there was no place quite like Victoria and returned to the beautiful city and to her roots.

With over 25 years experience in sales and marketing and having worked for one of the world’s most successful companies, Gina brings a unique integration of skills that are evidenced in the numerous achievement awards she has received throughout her education and career.

“My service provides far more than filling out a contract or showing a home; it is acting beyond the reasonable care expected as an industry standard and providing outstanding service as a facilitator, negotiator, problem solver, and educator – all of which must be done with the client’s unique and personal needs at the root of all endeavours. Understanding different personality types allows me to understand my clients on a unique and personal level resulting in delivering outstanding results. What is important to the client, what the client needs, and how they process information is solely what matters, and that is what makes my relationships in business successful.”

“Some of my oldest clients in business still keep in touch with me even from different cities, provinces, and countries.” Gina spends time not only learning about the property the client hopes to buy or sell but also about the client during her unique and complimentary interview or presentation process.

Having the opportunity to align with and be mentored by one of Victoria’s highest award winning agents was the perfect platform to launch her career as a REALTOR®. “Every transaction is treated with the utmost level of priority and diligence.” Focusing on an exceptional work ethic, high level of integrity, and complete discretion with her clients, Gina brings a genuine concern for people’s needs to every real estate transaction and delivers successful results. “Everything is for and about the client.”

“I wish there was another title I could give myself other than Real Estate Agent or REALTOR®. While those are both highly respected, I feel like I have a unique outlook on this profession and hope with every opportunity I have, that people see, feel, and, ultimately, know that.”